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Rock Climbing

Another Indepth post… (#5 I think?)

Ok so unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet with my mentor as much I’ve wanted to these past two weeks due to me hurting my leg in rugby on Wednesday. As rock climbing rather involves the bending of your legs,… Continue Reading →

Learning the Ropes

Yay! I’ve finally started learning how to climb, and its super cool. So yeah, here’s whats been going on these past few weeks: So I am now a certified belayer! Hurray! Yup, so without delay, merely two days after I… Continue Reading →

Finally Ready!

Hurray! So, after long last, I’m ready to begin my rock climbing journey. Everything is organized and I can’t wait to start. So, my mentor is Jack Pickell, a rock climbing veteran who works at Base5, the climbing gym in… Continue Reading →

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