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In Depth 2k16

Story Time (In-Depth Post #4)

Alright, so in these past two weeks I’ve progressed a lot in my In-Depth. I’ve just about finished my still life drawing, and I’ve started fleshing out the story line for my graphic novel! For my drawing, these past two… Continue Reading →

Back to Basics (In-Depth post #2)

Well two weeks have past since I first decided what I wanted to do for In-Depth, and I’ve met once with my mentor, Gerri Jin. She graduated from Emily Carr last year, and now works mainly as a freelance Internet… Continue Reading →

A (Graphic) Novel Experience

Wow a whole years gone by since In-Depth last. Like with eminent, I’d procrastinated deciding my skill until the next to last moment, but even so, I’m quite happy with my choice. This year, I’m going to study graphic novel… Continue Reading →

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