I wrote a summary for my graphic novel! :)

The story follows Benjamin Hicks, an ordinary grade 11 student. Poor and new to the school, he juggles his school work with his job at a mechanic shop, and suffers occasional beatings from the school’s elite. Everyday is the same until he saves his classmate Catrina Bishop’s life from a powerful organization called Ascension, unknowingly creating a supernatural bond between them. Trina is revealed to be an agent of Oblivion, a dark society who uses the occult to accomplish their goals, who’s supernatural abilities created their connection according to an ancient law. Hence bound, Trina is determined to be released, and attempts to save Ben’s life in return to appease the law and gain her freedom. Forced to live together, the two of them maintain a strained kind of peace while Trina tries to endanger Ben’s life in order to save him. She fails twice, but during this time they start to get to know each other better, and even begin love each other. But just as Trina decides that she doesn’t actually mind being bound to Ben, Oblivion discovers that Ben is really one of the last true magicians on this Earth, and become set on his death. Due to the nature of the bond, they must set Trina free before killing him; otherwise, Trina will be killed as well. They act, setting the mechanic shop on fire with Ben’s boss still inside. Ben rushes in to save him, and Trina is left with the choice. She can save Ben, break the bond, and then have Oblivion kill him when they come back out, or she can do nothing and have Ben die inside. She finds a middle ground, rushing in and saving Ben’s mentor instead, sending Ben back outside of his own free will. They collapse on the ground outside, relieved. But Oblivion has different plans, and, knowing that Trina will not cooperate with them, use their bond to stab her in order to kill Ben as well. They both are bleeding to death on the ground under Oblivion’s smug gave when Ben, after minutes of agonized decision making, manages to use his power as a magician to save both their lives, and defeat Oblivion. However, their leader escapes with a promise to end both their lives. Ben, completely drained then turns to his mentor, who is dying. Ben tries to save him too, but his powers have been used to their limit and he dies in his arms.

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I drew my characters again and began¬†experimenting with outfits. I’ve written five pages of random facts about both Ben and Trina, and know all their backstories and small details. I’ve figured out the small details of their lives and even know how I’m going to indroduce all of them. Pretty much I got the entire plot and characters hashed out and now just need to start drawing adn writing.

I actually got a new mentor now!! Yay!! Her name is Ali Kenefick and she is an insanely good drawer and tutor. She’s given tons of amazing advice about how to progress with my graphic novel. According to her my next step is to start story boarding, which is when you scetch out the scenes really messy and ugly. I’m actually pretty pumped for that now that I know what I’m doing for my story.

For In-Depth night I’m going to have a learning center. I will have pictures of my characters and descriptions on a display board as well the above summary. Also for Graphic Art 11 I am making a book cover for my novel and I will include that as well. I’ll include a lot of my progress, such as pages of story boarding and a few fully coloured pages. I’m really excited for In-Depth Night; I’ve put a lot of work in with this story and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!