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April 2016

In-Depth Post #…..Well its the last one

I wrote a summary for my graphic novel! The story follows Benjamin Hicks, an ordinary grade 11 student. Poor and new to the school, he juggles his school work with his job at a mechanic shop, and suffers occasional beatings… Continue Reading →

Of Books and Dreams

May 21st, 1781 It has been two years now since I’ve last seen Papa; two years  at this convent. The nuns are kind, and it is very peaceful and quiet. I’ve never liked the quiet before Mama died. I do miss her,… Continue Reading →

What do you Meme?

Honestly this was the strangest assignment I’ve ever received in school. We seriously had a conversation My first meme is pretty self explanatory. In the second Cabinet battle Hamilton very clearly states that he thinks Jefferson’s plan to assist France… Continue Reading →

It Builds Character (In depth post #5)

Alright, another four weeks have gone by since my last post. Unfortunately, these havent been SUPER productive since my mentor left for China at the beginnning of Spring Break leaving me a little stranded. But I have managed to get… Continue Reading →

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