Alright, so in these past two weeks I’ve progressed a lot in my In-Depth. I’ve just about finished my still life drawing, and I’ve started fleshing out the story line for my graphic novel!


Almost finished product

For my drawing, these past two weeks have mostly been focused on the details. For example, darkening the shadows and mid tones and sharpening the mid tones. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take a second pic after my second session considering we went really overtime and my mom was getting really impatient. Next time I’m just going to be finishing up the background and putting the finishing touches on it.

But the main thing that I’ve accomplished in the last two sessions was my story line. Gerri and I talked it out while I was drawing and I’m actually really excited about it.

Ok so my story takes place in this fantasy world, featuring two feuding organizations and a clueless hero who somehow gets mixed up in it all. One organization you could say is on the good side; they’re the heroes and are fighting to defend the world from the otheir organization. Both are magical, and have certain powers and certain restrictions too. The most important of these restrictions plot-wise, is the bond that forms when someone saves your life. Until you return the favour, you’re eternally bound, and can’t lie, disobey, or even move more than 50 feet away from your saviour. Also, you’re physically connected; if you’re saviour is injured, you take the exact same injury.

Anyway. So my story starts with my protagonist stumbling into a battle between these two organizations. The good guys has just beaten one of the villians, and is about to kill her. My ignorant little protagonist then intervenes, merely seeing a gang of huge men about to kill a girl not much older than himself. As a consequence, the girl is bound to him, which really ticks her off, to put it mildly. So the entire story is going through her attempts to unbind herself by saving his life in return, while trying to make sure he doesn’t find out about their bond. As time goes on however, both organizations start to lean in, trying to manipulate their relationship to further their own purposes, which complicates things. She’ll try and save his life three times in the story, each time escalating in danger and intensity. The third time will be the climax, and when her character development throughout the story comes into play. Also, the last time will involve both the leaders of the organization, and the protagonist will find out about the bond then, as well as the true villainous nature of the girl.

That’s pretty much all I got so far, and I’m pretty happy with it. However, I’m struggling with how to end it. I have a HUGE problem with being concise, and I have a bit of a time limit here. I feel like if I don’t decide on the ending soon this story is just going to turn into this huge epic that I’m not going to have the time or the motivation to finish. But the thing is, it’s hard to find a good ending. If she succeeds in breaking their bond and then just moves on with her life, it’s kind of an anticlimax. If she doesn’t, there’s no climax at all. I have a few inklings, but they’re leaning towards the cliche side. For example, if I had both of them fall in love and make the decision to stay bound, that would be huge character development for both of them which is GREAT aside from the fact that I don’t just want to write another one of those stories that shove the two main characters together in a relationship because why the hell not. (That was an award winning run on sentence…) Like, I see wayyy to many YA novels that have male and female protagonists in a relationship that doesn’t work, but because they’re the two main characters they obviously just HAVE to end up together. And it’s rather tiresome and I don’t really want to engage in that shallow storytelling. Then again, that’s what people like I suppose, and if I do it right and make them really compatible, I might be able to pull it off.

Now to talk about my apprenticeship or whatever you call it. (Mentoreeship?) Gerri’s actually been super helpful when it comes to getting my story together. When I came to our second session I had a few ideas but they were very vague. It is actually so much easier to generate a plot when you have someone to bounce ideas off of. Pretty much our entire second session consisted off me offering an idea, and then Gerri asking questions and criticizing it. I’d refine my idea, and she’d do it again. It was great; writing is so much better when you have someone to find your plot holes and ineffective sections in your story before you get attached to scenes. Also, when ever I got stuck in a section, she’d ask really good questions to help me get going again. We’re a lot more relaxed around each other now, and can stray off topic sometimes and have actual conversations. For example, when we talk about my story line, we often go off into tangents about books we’ve read with this one theme in it, or movies that killed us cause they were so bad and how we don’t want to do that. Also, I asked her about the graphic novels she’s written, and she’s told me a lot about her own plot lines. This not only helps me with my own, but gives me a lot of respect for her as both an artist and a writer.

Alright, that was a lot this time. I’m getting really pumped for this project, and hopefully by next week I’ll start drawing out the characters!