Well two weeks have past since I first decided what I wanted to do for In-Depth, and I’ve met once with my mentor, Gerri Jin. She graduated from Emily Carr last year, and now works mainly as a freelance Internet artist.


In our first meeting last Tuesday, we mainly went through what I wanted this project to be. I showed her my sketchbook, and she got a sense of where I was at in my drawing abilities and where I needed improvement. After this assessment was done, we got down to the fun part: Actually drawing. During the hour that followed we went through the basics of drawing, and she gave me some much needed advice. Before, I’ve been almost tracing the object I’m drawing, going around the edge of the object in detail until I was finished. What Gerri recommended was to start with the vague shape first and then slowly get more and more detailed until you have your finished project.This way makes it much easier to get the form, scale, and perspective right before going into the details. Another very important thing to do when drawing is to mark down the locations of important features and make sure they’re correct before doing in and drawing them.

Later we worked on form drawing. Gerri introduced me to this great website called pose maniacs. There’s over a thousand poses from every angle imaginable, with many different body types. We focused on getting down the gist of the pose in a few seconds using basic shapes and strokes, and using circles to suggest volume.

Over the  week that followed I didn’t have that much time to practice, but I did draw one person using the techniques that Gerri taught me. It was much better then everything I drew previously which is a really great sign.

On to the questions:

As I’ve only met my mentor once, I honestly don’t know the answer to many of these questions. I know, as I mentioned above, that she studied at Emily Carr, but other than that I don’t know too much about her. However, I have gained a lot of wisdom from my mentor, most of which I have mentioned above. It’s a little awkward, considering we’ve only just met, and that she’s not too much older than me, but I think we’re getting along pretty well. So far, I’ve learned how to accept criticism and to be open when learning different ways to draw. These two skills will actually help me quite a lot if I ever become a mentor. Even as a mentor, I will be constantly learning and growing, and these two skills will help me for life.

I can’t wait to continue next week!