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November 2015

A Very Notable Night

Well honestly, its hard to find words to describe what NotN 2k15 was like. It was similtaneously stressful and fun, exhilerating and draining, something I’ll always remember and cherish but not something I’d be ready to redo. Grade ten NotN… Continue Reading →


Well thankfully this year I actually have more than one source for my project! Yay! Anyway, these were some of the links that really helped me learn about Fatima and Bonded Labour. https://www.ijm.ca/slavery This was my main source for information… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning

Initial draft: They’re after me again. Well, if I was to be honest they’re always after me, for some reason or another. That’s one thing about my life that has never seemed to change, but I suppose it’s to be… Continue Reading →

The Interview

Hurrah! I actually got an interview this year! I was actually so excited when I got the email; I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply. Anyway, originally I emailed three people. One, an International Justice Misison executive, two, Brandon Stranton, the… Continue Reading →

Libraries and Old books

Well Eminent has begun, which means we went on our annual research trip. And honestly this year was so much better than last year. We went to the Vancouver Public Library, which bore a striking resemblence to the Colosseum, and… Continue Reading →

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