Throughout the many years of our coexistence together, Canadians have constantly striven to absorb the Aboriginal people into our culture and heritage. Born from good intentions, Canadians, filled with pity for these uneducated savages, strove to lift them above their pitiful existence and bring them to civilization. Or rather, our idea of civilization. However, good intentions or not, there is no doubt that Canadian self imposed superiority has cost the Aboriginals dearly. Just about three months ago, St. Michael’s, a residential school in Albert Bay in Victoria was torn down. The building had been standing there for years, empty, but serving to haunt many with the memories of harm they’d experienced there. This reminds us that though Residential Schools have been out of opperation for nigh on twenty years now, the harm that they did to so many Aboriginal children still echoes down through the years and still hurts many First Nations. Aboriginals have been white washed with our idea of the ideal human being. Many Aboriginals have been stripped of their culture and molded into “proper” Canadian citizens. We paint over hundreds of years of history to make this ancient people fit our own idea of civilization, but all that has ever served to do is to move beyond doubt the fact that it’s not the Aboriginals who are the savages.