Are we seriously almost done In-Depth??? I can’t believe it, this has been such an amazing time, and I’m certainly not going to quite climbing after it ends! So, I guess this is my last blog post… So sad. Well, another week of In-Depth gone by… Or rather, three weeks.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t climb for two of those weeks due to me straining my hip flexor, again, from rugby. However, I managed to climb earlier today, and I actually did a lot. I’m moving away from 9’s now, and today I did three 10As and one 10C! I was really proud, as these weren’t easy climbs, but I finished them.

The first 10A was the green one that I had done twice before. However, this time I did it, I didn’t take a single break, or have a single fall! I wasn’t very tired at the end of it either, which was great. The second one was a brand new climb that I haven’t done before, and was very tough. I think I’ve explained stemming before in my previous posts, but this was the ultimate stemming route. Literally, most of the climb was in the chimmney kind of form, and the only holds were big slopers going up oppisite sides of the three walls. I was literally spread eagled across the gap, pushing against one wall to move up one foot to the next hold, then moving my hand up, and doing the same thing to the next wall. It wasn’t so much tiring as it was very confusing at times when you only see one more foothold, but its a foot above the other one and you know you have to get there but you have no idea how. It tried my balence mainly, as well as my fllexiblity.

Third 10A was a climb in the back of the gym. As I’ve said previously, these climbs are very tough and this one wasn’t any different. The first few moves were actually the hardest, as the climb was on an angle backward and the holds were very few and far between. To add to the wonderfulness, there was also a kind of slight overhang in it, which made it quite difficult up till that point. After that however, the climb straightened out a lot, and I made it up without too much trouble.

The 10C was on a short wall, so it wasn’t too bad, but there was a lot of really complecated moves you had to make. I made it to the top thankfully, but I cheated a lot, using a few of the neighbouring routes more convinient holds. But its a start, and I’m very proud that I even kind of did it. I’ll try it against next week, using less rouge holds.

On to Beautiful Mind:  interuptions and attitude.

I don’t think I interupt Jack that much, but when I do I think it is justified. One time, we were working on a 9, and he was explaining everything a bit too fast. I interupted halfway through, and clarified something he was saying. Then, once I understood, I let him continue. That’s the main reason I interupt, if I ever do.

As for attidude, I think my attitude is mainly eager to learn. I love climbing, and I really want to learn how to do it better. I’m always asking questions about everything, seeking clarification when I’ve got no idea how to start a climb, trying my best to understand everything Jack explains. I’ve also, I think, got an explorer attitude. I’m always inquiring  about climbs that have nothing to do with me; often I see a few holds on a really tough climb and I’m stunned by how tiny they are, or how far they are apart or somehting like that, and I ask Jack how in the world are you supposed to start that climb. He happily explains, showing the the moves, which completely blow my mind. Anyway, I like to think that I’m fairly easy to teach and that my mentor enjoys our conversations as much as I do.

That’s all for now! I guess this is the last In-Depth post for this year… SIgh. I can’t believe its already been four months and I’ve come so far. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get outdoor rock climbing done like I wanted to before In-Depth ends, but its been an amazing time nonetheless. Now, I just need to figure out how I’m going to do my learning centre… Sigh.

Signing off,