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May 2015

Painting over the past

Throughout the many years of our coexistence together, Canadians have constantly striven to absorb the Aboriginal people into our culture and heritage. Born from good intentions, Canadians, filled with pity for these uneducated savages, strove to lift them above their… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #8: Almost done… :(

Are we seriously almost done In-Depth??? I can’t believe it, this has been such an amazing time, and I’m certainly not going to quite climbing after it ends! So, I guess this is my last blog post… So sad. Well,… Continue Reading →

First Nation Relations

The history of First Nation relations with the new European settlers is a long and sad one, to me, all the more so because in the beginning everything looked like it was going to work out. It reminds me of… Continue Reading →

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