Ok so unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet with my mentor as much I’ve wanted to these past two weeks due to me hurting my leg in rugby on Wednesday. As rock climbing rather involves the bending of your legs, and my leg isn’t really great at that at the moment I felt it might be better to pass.

However, I can still report on last weeks session! I’m really moving into more 5.9 climbs now, and I’m relishing the challenge. I kind of thought I was getting them down, until I discovered there was like three more 9s in the gym that I hadn’t tried yet. One of them was super tough, much harder than the other ones I tried before. Getting even a few feet off of the ground was really tough for me, but I struggled through it, and after three rests and five falls (most of them in the same spot) I made it to the top. However, though I did make it, my climbing technique slackened off in certain parts so my mentor Jack and I  are going to make a project of that climb. Basically that means doing the climb bit by bit, focusing on doing the moves easily and well rather than just getting to the top. Last week, we focused on the first few moves, doing them over and over and over again until I had got them down. This was really good for me as the first few moves actually were the ones that I had the most trouble with and acounted for most of my falls. But by the end of that session I had figured them out which was quite good.

On to beautiful mind. Well the thing is, I hadn’t looked at the blog criteria before last weeks climb, so I haven’t taped a conversation or really intergrated it any more than I usually do into my interactions with Jack. I’ll do it next week, and then edit this post.

Ok so, that’s all for now!