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March 2015

Journal of Thomas D’arcy McGee 1856

December 11, 1856 New York City, USA Looking back through my journal, it is fascinating to see the extent of my anti-British fervour. No doubt a natural side effect of being a young Irish man, full of passion and loyalty… Continue Reading →

Going In-Depth #6

Alright, another In-Depth post! These past two weeks have been less active than usual due to my rugby trip to the island this weekend, but last week I still learned a bunch. I’m still on 5.9’s, but in my mind… Continue Reading →

Another Indepth post… (#5 I think?)

Ok so unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet with my mentor as much I’ve wanted to these past two weeks due to me hurting my leg in rugby on Wednesday. As rock climbing rather involves the bending of your legs,… Continue Reading →

Journal of Thomas D’arcy McGee

December 21, 1840. Wexford, Ireland. Midwinter’s Day. Aye today we don’t dare to leave our homes for the cold bites hard and frost covers the windows, letting in only the palest gleam of light. They say that in America the… Continue Reading →

The Abolition of Slavery

“It was through the dynamic created by the resistance of Africans, both enslaved and free, and the position of others opposed to slavery based on ideas of equality, that the abolition of enslavement was finally achieved throughout the British controlled… Continue Reading →

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