Ok, I’m very glad indeed that I chose rock climbing for my In-Depth project. I’m progressing really quickly and I am having a blast every time I go meet with my mentor at Climb Base5.

Okk so, in the past few weeks since my last post I’ve gone from 5.7s to 5.8s to 5.9s. 5.7s are more like my warm up now, and I’m comfortable with 5.8s. 5.9s however, are my challenge at the moment, and I’m really enjoying them. They are really tough, often requiring complex movements, and scrabbling at the blank wall with your feet. However, whenever I come off of the wall after doing them, I’m always smiling and relishing the challenge. I don’t fall a whole lot on the 9s, but I am often stuck in one position unable to move for long periods of time due to the fact that the next hold is very far away and I have no idea how in the world I’m supposed to get there. Some of the 9s kind of slope backwards as well, so you’re fighting against gravity even more than usual. One of them was super tough for me (It took me like 10 minutes and I fell like three times) that used a technique called stemming. (Which was the reason my mentor Jack had me try it.) Stemming is when instead of pulling yourself up, you push yourself up off of the holds which means that most of the holds are very hard to grip and involve a lot of foot scrambling. But I completed the climb (yay!) and I think I’ve improved a lot from it. I definitely want to try it again next time and see if I do better.

Beautiful mind Questions:

So, the two beautiful mind sections that we were to work on these two weeks are listening and questions I believe. These two things I have incorporated into my meetings with my mentor quite a lot over the past two weeks. I listened carefully to what my mentor was telling me, which is especially useful in climbing as Jack often yells advice up at me when I’m stuck which many times is the only reason I actually complete the climb. Also, what comes along with listening is watching. Watching Jack do a climb is very useful, as I get to see a general picture of what to expect from the wall and also what moves to use during the hard parts. A lot of the time, I would prefer to be climbing instead of belaying, but I know that it will be better for me, so I watch. As for questions, I am full of them. I’m always seeking clarification on what move would be good for these holds, how in the world you do this kind of climb, whether you could use this skill on that wall, or that skill on this wall- Its great, I get tons of information that way.

Anyway, thats all for now! Next week hopefully I’ll be even farther along!