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February 2015

The MORAL of the story is a good work ETHIC

Ok you know what just ignore the terrible puns in the title, I was trying to be original ok, don’t judge. Anyway, so Socials post. In case you haven’t figured it out from the abhorant puns sitting in the top… Continue Reading →

In-Depth post #4 (I ran out of catchy titles ok?)

Ok, I’m very glad indeed that I chose rock climbing for my In-Depth project. I’m progressing really quickly and I am having a blast every time I go meet with my mentor at Climb Base5. Okk so, in the past… Continue Reading →

Learning the Ropes

Yay! I’ve finally started learning how to climb, and its super cool. So yeah, here’s whats been going on these past few weeks: So I am now a certified belayer! Hurray! Yup, so without delay, merely two days after I… Continue Reading →

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