So it seems what I thought was my first blog post actually turned out to be a page. Oops. Oh well, I’ll figure that out later. Anyway, I finally figured out how to post- I know I know, I’m a genius. Okay back to the actual topic of this post. The SFU reflection. Thats what this post is going to be about. So yes, on… Lets see it was October 30th, thats right. We went to SFU on to see the museum, to go on a tour, and to have delicious nan bread- I mean Indian food. And, all importantly, to research our eminent person at the gigantic seven floor library there. As you probably know (If not check the random page/intro post on the tool bar) my eminent person is Diet Eman. Well the library wasn’t very helpful in that respect. Apparently my person is too obscure to even be in a giant seven story university library… No matter though, because coincedently, I have her autobiography here at home. However, even though the library didn’t have anything useful for my person exactly, it was so cool. I took tons of pictures of really old books with weathered spines and gilded covers… I was in my element it was beautiful.

The tour was cool, but there was a little to much concrete for my likeing. Actually, scratch little. It was all concrete. I mean, why not old fashioned brick? Why not gilded gates? Why not dark chestnut wood? Why concrete of all things? Sorry, I just have a thing with old fashioned buildings, they are so much more beautiful and interesting than modern ones in my mind. But it was also a lot of fun to just walk along the halls chatting with friends and getting to know one another a lot better.  Besides the look of the building, I learned a lot about the history of the building, what a university campus looks like, and how life on campus might go after I finish my four years at Gleneagle.

Moving on. The Indian food was great, it was a lot of fun to sit around a table with friends and just get to know everyone a lot better. Museum was cool, the first nations weapons were awesome, there were spears, arrows, bows, and all hand made too! If there ever were a break in to the university the museum would be a good place to barricade yourself. Or the kitchen.

Anyway, to answer the questions. I think I answered the learn question in the second paragraph or somewhere around there… What’s the theme of the trip? Hmmm… Well for me the thing that I had the most fun doing was making friends and bonding with everyone, even surpassing running my fingers over dusty old books in the library. Where to now?  Well, I need to read the autobiography that’s in my house and learn Diet’s story. That’s important. After that I should start thinking about my introview. I think Diet’s still alive it would be cool to interview her. Or someone who knew her well. I’ll think about it.

So, you’ve all been treated to a very long extended version of my trip to SFU! Yay! Hopefully I didn’t kill you all with boredom… That wouldn’t be good. And, for lack of a better conclusion, I shall say farewell and bring an end to this post.