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The Road to Hell

If I weren’t already dead I would fling myself from the highest building in Paris for my idiocy. I was a fool. A complete and utter fool. How could I have thought that the death of Marat would stop Robespierres… Continue Reading →

L’ami de la Mort

I’m going to Paris. I can’t stand this any longer. I’ve had enough of sitting around at home with my dear cousin hearing rumours of heads rolling and wondering which friend will be next. The Girodins have gone into hiding,… Continue Reading →

Assasination Sensation

A artistic depiction of my assassinatoin of Jean-Paul Marat. You can tell who the artist sympathizes with. At the moment of my excecution, the public was very much on Marat’s side, even making him into a martre. However, after the… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #…..Well its the last one

I wrote a summary for my graphic novel! The story follows Benjamin Hicks, an ordinary grade 11 student. Poor and new to the school, he juggles his school work with his job at a mechanic shop, and suffers occasional beatings… Continue Reading →

Of Books and Dreams

May 21st, 1781 It has been two years now since I’ve last seen Papa; two years  at this convent. The nuns are kind, and it is very peaceful and quiet. I’ve never liked the quiet before Mama died. I do miss her,… Continue Reading →

What do you Meme?

Honestly this was the strangest assignment I’ve ever received in school. We seriously had a conversation My first meme is pretty self explanatory. In the second Cabinet battle Hamilton very clearly states that he thinks Jefferson’s plan to assist France… Continue Reading →

It Builds Character (In depth post #5)

Alright, another four weeks have gone by since my last post. Unfortunately, these havent been SUPER productive since my mentor left for China at the beginnning of Spring Break leaving me a little stranded. But I have managed to get… Continue Reading →

To Stay or Not to Stay

This past Feburary, our Prime Minister revealed his plan to pull Canada’s CF-18s out of Syria. Instead, Canada will be tripling the number of trainers on the ground, and increasing the number of special forces troops by twenty percent. Also,… Continue Reading →

Story Time (In-Depth Post #4)

Alright, so in these past two weeks I’ve progressed a lot in my In-Depth. I’ve just about finished my still life drawing, and I’ve started fleshing out the story line for my graphic novel! For my drawing, these past two… Continue Reading →

Even more Basics *sigh* (In-Depth Post#3)

Well it’s been another two weeks since my last post. This week we actually started working on a long term project. As I mentioned in my title, I’m still working on my basic drawing skills, so my mentor Gerri is having… Continue Reading →

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